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The IMAGE KIOSK 8870 gives your customers instant access to pricing, online catalogs, frequent shopper accounts, as well as targeted coupons and special offers.

Delivering the power and performance of bulkier kiosks at a fraction of the cost, the HAND HELD PRODUCTS' IMAGE KIOSK 8870 takes up far less space and comes loaded with standard features typically costing more in other products. With its small footprint, the IMAGE KIOSK provides a world of information with its true, finger touch screen capabilities, making it easier for the customer to perform transactions.  At the same time the color display promotes eye-catching messages and graphics. Powered by Adaptus™ Imaging Technology, the Image Kiosk 8870 can be used by store employees and consumers to quickly and easily read bar codes, regardless of the bar codes orientation.  They also can perform advanced reading of damaged or poorly printed bar codes.

Enhance the Customer’s Shopping Experience 
- Your customer can access a world of information with just the touch of a finger.

Enable Customer Relationship Management Administration 
- Market directly to your customers through advertising, coupon offerings, and loyalty program administration. 

Card Reader Options 
- Choose a 3-track MSR or a hybrid MSR plus smart card reader.

Ease of Integration 
- Quickly incorporates into your existing infrastructure, saving you time and money.  

Safe, Proven Technology 
- Fourth generation, world class imaging technology quickly scans bar codes for price checking and other applications.

Gain Valuable Sales Floor Space 
- Leverage the power and performance of larger kiosks while taking up far less floor space.  

Increase Unattended Sales Opportunities 

- The 10/100 Ethernet or 802.11b channels let you send targeted advertisements in real time, increasing upsell potential.

Build a One Stop Customer Information Center 
- Adding a peripheral, such as a printer, allows you to expand the list of potential applications.  

  • One bar code port
  • One RS-232 port

Future-Proof Technology 
- Ready for smart card implementation; Sunrise 2005 compliant.

  • Integrated MSR
  • Second RS-232 port

Optional 802.11b Capability 
- Increases retailers’ flexibility and communication capability.