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The SCANTEAM® 8300 is a magnetic MICR check reader that can adapt to a variety of applications, enabling retail and financial transactions to reduce fraud, increase clerk efficiency, as well as enhance customer service.

In one small footprint, the ST8300 can perform multiple functions: the ST8300, with accessories, can also read bar code and magnetic stripe information and can be configured with up to two RS-232 ports for peripheral devices such as PIN pads, scales, or signature capture devices.

The ST8300 can bring this functionality to virtually any terminal as it connects to hundreds of POS and teller systems through a single host interface port.

In most cases, the ST8300 can be powered by +5 or +12 volt power provided by the host device, eliminating the need for additional bulky power supplies. For future interfaces or updates, the ST8300 contains FLASH memory which allows for easy firmware upgrades in the field without the need to send back or disassemble the product.

The ST8300 comes standard with a two year warranty.

Compact Size
- Fits neatly into any installation.

Extensive Interface Support
- Compatible with hundreds of PC, POS, and teller systems, including IBM 468x/469x, NCR OCIA, Fujitsu OCR and serial RS-232 devices. In many cases, the ST8300 may operate from host power, eliminating the need for an external power supply. 

Aggressive Decoding
- Internal decoding auto-discriminates E13B and CMC7 MICR fonts, various bar codes, and MSR information while maintaining a reliable high first pass good read rate.

Multiple Inputs
- Multiple inputs allows for triple track magnetic stripe data capture, bar code input/decoding, and up to two RS-232 ports for additional peripherals.

Standard: One bar code port
  One RS-232 port

Optional: Integrated MSR 
  Second RS-232 port

Flash Memory
- Allows for easy and fast firmware upgrades in the field, without chip changes, extending the life of the product.