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HANDHELD > QuickCheckPC600

The Quick Check® PC600 Verifier is a professional, quality control tool for verifying the readability and standards compliance of printed bar codes. It consists of a Windows®-based software package, a “mouse” wand or pen wand bar code optical sensing device, and an interface that connects to the serial port of an IBM compatible desktop or laptop PC.

The Quick Check PC600 Verifier provides quick and easy-to-view full ISO/IEC test parameter analysis and traditional pass/fail parameters. Input is provided by either an interchangeable mouse wand or pen wand that is compatible with Quick Check PC600 or 800 Series Desktop Verifiers. Because the Quick Check PC600 Verifier operates on your PC, it offers many advantages not available from standalone units. Bar code quality information is displayed directly on your computer monitor and hard copy output can be produced on any local or network printer. Automatic ISO/IEC symbol grade calculation provides instant bar code quality feedback. The Quick Check PC600 Verifier has all the power and flexibility you need to ensure strict bar code standards compliance.