+ Handheld Linear Imagers
> IT 3800
> IT4600
> IT4710
> IT3870 > IT4800
> IT3875 > IT5620
> IT3900 > IT5770

+ Mobile Computers
> D7900 SS > D7200
> D7300 RF > D9500 - D9550
+ Transaction Terminals & Kiosks
> IK8560 > ST8310
> ST8300 > TT8870

+ Verification Checker
> QuickCheck200
> QuickCheck600800
> QuickCheckPC600
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HANDHELD > QuickCheck200

The Quick Check 200 Series are compact, portable bar code verifiers that analyze bar code quality against traditional quality parameters and ANSI/CEN/ISO bar code print quality guidelines. QC200 series verifiers are available in a variety of models that meet every portable verification requirement. The QC200 series comes with a choice of industry application standards and provides traditional and sophisticated ANSI/CEN/ISO test results. Available with a 5, 6, or 10mil test aperture.

QC200 series verifiers are easy to use and packed with high performance features that utilize the most sophisticated test methods. Each of these verifiers is designed to display bar code quality test results in one quick glance. Results are displayed immediately, and all the information needed for proper bar code evaluation is provided through an LCD and colored LEDs. Each verifier is powered by an integrated rechargeable battery pack