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The Dolphin 9550 mobile computer, with an integrated pistol grip handle for intensive bar code reading, delivers unparalleled performance for all mobile data collection applications.

The Dolphin 9550 high-tech architecture – Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ and co-located 802.11b and Bluetooth™ radios – provide real-time data acquisition and information access anytime and anywhere.

 The Shift Plus high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery enables the mobile computers to operate longer in wireless, scan-intensive environments.

Powered by Hand Held Products' exclusive Adaptus™ Imaging Technology, the Dolphin 9550 can be used by the worker to quickly read virtually all bar codes, take photos of damaged goods, capture signatures and archive and retrieve data quickly. Its lightweight, ergonomic, and rugged design provides ease of use and operational reliability in robust mobile applications such as transportation, parcel delivery, retail, warehousing, and industrial/manufacturing. 

Windows Mobile™ 2003 Second Edition Software
- Offers a user-friendly, industry standard platform for both developers and users.

Rugged, IP64 Sealed Construction
- Operates in harsh environments, withstands rough treatment, and protects stored data.

Intel® X-Scale™ Processor
- Provides faster processing of data collection applications, and image processing.

Ergonomic Designs
- Facilitates comfortable, single-handed data collection for extended periods of use.

Adaptus Imaging Technology
- Provides instant point-andshoot bar code scanning (1D and 2D), signature and digital image capture.

Triple Wireless Radio Design (9500)
- Integrated WAN, LAN, and PAN for real-time data collection and access to information anytime, anywhere.

Lithium Ion Battery
- 7.4 volt, 14.8 watt-hour ensures longer operation time with wireless communications and scanintensive applications.

1/4 VGA Color Display With Industrial Touch Screen
- Offers enhanced data viewing and application interface.

Secure Digital (SD) User-Accessible Memory Interface
- Provides the option of installing additional memory for application data storage.

Three Intuitive Keyboard Layouts
- Customize your data entry for your mobile application solution.