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The Dolphin 7900 Mobile Computer packs all the performance and durability of the Dolphin 9500 and 9550 in a PDA-like, easy-to-use design.

The Dolphin 7900 is ideal for change management, customer service, computer-aided ordering, store transfers, voice communications, portable point-of-sale, product information lookup, and dozens of other mobile applications.

Designed to provide seamless data and voice connectivity for you and your mobile workers, the Dolphin 7900 features Microsoft® Windows Mobile™, and integrated Wireless Full Area Networking™ (WFAN) with co-located  802.11b, GSM/GPRS and  Bluetooth™ radios to provide real-time voice and data access while ensuring data accuracy and security.


Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ Second Edition Software:
User-friendly, industry-standard platform for both developers and users.

Rugged, IP64 Sealed Construction:
Operates in harsh environments, withstands rough treatment, and ensures years of reliable service.

Intel® X-Scale™ 400 MHz Processor:
Faster processing of data collection applications and image processing.

Ergonomic Design:
Compact, lightweight design facilitates comfortable, single-handed data collection.

Adaptus Imaging Technology:
Instant point-and-shoot bar code scanning (1D and 2D), signature and digital image capture.

Wireless Full Area Networking™
 Integrated WAN, LAN, and PAN for real-time data exchange and voice communications to maximize productivity.

High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery with Advanced Power Management System:
Longer operation time with wireless communications and scan-intensive applications.

3.8" Backlit Color Display with Industrial Touch Screen:
Enhanced data viewing and impact resistance.

Mini Secure Digital (Mini-SD) User-Accessible Memory Interface:
Provides the option of installing additional memory for secure application data storage.

25- and 36-Key Keyboard Options:
Numeric or full alpha keypad solutions to satisfy your data entry requirements.