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The Dolphin® 7300 is a compact handheld computer that delivers performance and power for today's most demanding mobile workforce environments.

Windows® CE powers the Dolphin 7300 and provides application versatility and expandability. This operating system allows customers to use open systems architecture, enabling developers to write applications using Microsoft® eMbedded™Visual Tools. The environment allows for rapid application development and implementation for a faster return on investment.

The Intel® StrongARM® processor delivers powerful performance in a small form factor with low power consumption. This enables mobile workers to use demanding applications for decision support in the field, making the Dolphin 7300 an ideal extension of the enterprise management system. Its small size, light weight, advanced imaging, and input capabilities also make the Dolphin 7300 the perfect tool for in-transit applications such as package delivery and field services.

Microsoft® Windows® CE Platform
–Portable convenience with full programming flexibility using Microsoft ® eMbedded™ Visual Tools including CE versions of Visual C++, Visual Basic, and SQL Server CE database.

Integrated Intel® IEEE 802.11b WLAN communications
– Provides real time, pervasive information access.

IQ Imaging™ with Advanced Linear Decoding (ALD)
- Provides instant decoding of 1D & 2D bar codes, captures signatures, and takes pictures.

Superior Ergonomics
– Compact size with secure handgrip and integrated hand strap for enhanced user comfort. Keyboard designs facilitate left or right hand use.

Multiple Keyboard Options
– Intuitive, optimized layouts for various ADC applications.

Rugged IP-64 Construction
– Operates in harsh environments and withstands rough treatment.

Terminal Emulation Support
– Compatible with legacy applications and systems.

High Capacity 2700 mAh Battery Pack
– Ensures long battery operation time with WLAN and scan intensive applications.

1/8 VGA Monochrome Display with Touch Screen Option
– High-contrast, backlit display provides easy application viewing in most lighting conditions.