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The patented ergonomic design of the Dolphin 7200 mobile computer enables single-handed data collection using the right or left hand.

This pocketsize handheld computer weighs 12 ounces (340gm) and is built for the harshest industrial environment operations. The DOS compatible 386 microprocessor is easy to program and its easy-to-read display is backlit for reading in dark areas. Keyboard options include a coated 36-key alphanumeric or a 20-key numeric keypad. For applications that require a longer scanning range, three integrated laser options are available – standard range, long range, or high-definition. The Dolphin 7200 mobile computer is designed for vehicle, desktop, and hub.

Dolphin Patented Ergonomic Design
- Compact shape allows single-handed data collection and fits either hand.

DOS-Compatible 386 Architecture
- Applications can be created using 16-bit Microsoft Visual C++ or Borland C/C++.

Easy-to-Read Display
- Backlit, bitmap graphic display provides a range of font sizes, up to 8-line x 20 characters. Ninth lins is software-controllable.

2MB RAM with 8MB FLASH Memory
- Large data files and programs can be stored in secure, non-volatile memory.

FLASH memory can be expanded to 16MB.

Low Power Consumption
- Increased productivity. The terminal is powered for an entire work shift no matter how intensive.

Reliable, Rugged Design (IP64)

- Survives 5-foot drops to concrete. Operates in harsh environments and withstands rough treatment.

Optical IR Port
- Enables wireless communications with peripherals such as IrDA-compliant portable printers.