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The one ID card printer that IT and security can agree on.

As a security professional, an enterprise network is probably the last place you'd want to install an ID card printer. But as you deploy tougher security measures throughout your organization, a networked and secure ID card printer could be exactly what you'll need. And Fargo already has it: the DTC550.

Versatility starts here.

A basic DTC550 uses Fargo's Direct-to-Card technology to print full color, single and dual-sided cards. Match specific needs with connectivity, lamination and e-card encoding options.

Want to protect ID badges from alteration, counterfeiting and everyday wear? Add the Card Lamination Option to the DTC550 either factory installed or as a field upgrade. Fargo Secure Overlaminates give your cards a higher level of security protection with Visual Security Elements such as holograms and microtext.

Print Security software protects access and issuance throughout the enterprise.

Without proper security measures, the DTC550 could be used to produce fraudulent ID cards. That makes Fargo's optional print Security software a critical part of any DTC550 solution.

Whether you choose the Lan-based Print Security Manager, or the stand-alone Print Security Suite, you'll get applications that provide essential protection for the DTC550 and your entire card issuance system. Print Security software has the following features:

password controlled access
notify key personnel by text message/email on unauthorized use
adds convert security features to ID cards
gathers print diagnostic data for troubleshooting
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