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The Datamax Linear Scanner is an affordable, rugged, and effective alternative to the high cost and complication of a traditional online bar code verifier for your I-Class printer.

Today, it is an assumption that your company will have to affix a certain type of label to its outbound shipments. For example, many businesses require compliance labeling. High-profile compliance labeling exists in the automotive, retail, aerospace and defense industries, but even smaller industries are now introducing labeling initiatives because of the cost savings that can be achieved through a seamless supply channel. A smooth process hinges on impeccable print quality and scanning is the perfect way to ensure that, on every label, the bar codes meet requirements.

The Linear Scanner uses charge-coupled device (CCD) technology to ensure that your printed bar codes are readable. As labels pass under the fixed-position head, they are scanned at a rate of up to 700 hundred times per second. The received signals of light are then converted electrically and digitized. This captured information is compared to the appropriate internal algorithm via a 32-bit microprocessor and analyzed to ensure that the symbology has good contrast, correct bar width ratios, and sufficient quiet zone margins to be decodable.

Fully integrated, different operational modes determine the printer's action once an unreadable bar code is detected, allowing you to tailor the system to your needs. These menu-selectable fault-handling options include automatic reprinting and automatic voiding of any label containing an unreadable bar code.

The Datamax Linear Scanner offers fast, hands-free scanning and productive error handling options to ensure that all your printed labels will contain barcodes that are readable, which can translate to improved compliance, efficiency and cost savings for your business.