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Datamax – a Solution Provider Subscriber to EPCglobal – has taken the concept of RFID and smart labels and made it so user friendly, so dynamic and so robust that a revolution has been created in the smart label printing industry! The Datamax Engineering Team used their long history of innovation in printer design and channeled this experience toward designing a new smart label printer. This printer can encode data onto Radio Frequency (RF) chips embedded into a label – also known as a smart label – creating a powerful Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) label printer that is as easy for users to own and operate as other Datamax printers. The astonishing result of this activity is not one, but two printers designed to ease users into RFID label printing applications while minimizing financial and obsolescence risks. And the best news of all is that these two new RFID options from Datamax are designed around the industry-leading Datamax I-Class printer. The Datamax I-Class RFID Ready and the Datamax I-Class RFID printer are two pioneering and inventive solutions to address emerging RFID labeling requirements.

I-Class RFID Ready Printer

The Datamax I-Class RFID Ready printer provides users with the flexibility and modularity they've come to expect from the I-Class. The I-Class RFID Ready printer enables field installable RFID “modules” that can be defined to meet the user's application(s). Datamax offers a High Frequency (13.56 MHz) module that is ISO 15693 compliant, as well as a variety of Ultra High Frequency (UHF) modules supporting EPCglobal and ISO standards. The modules are simple to install, only requiring users to remove three screws and a panel on the I-Class RFID Ready printer and replace the panel with the new module using the same three screws. Then the RFID component plugs right into the printer's chassis and the printer becomes RFID-enabled. Every I-Class RFID Ready printer can support all currently available and future RFID modules from Datamax. The I-Class RFID Ready printer is available on the following I-Class models: I-4210, I-4212, I-4308, I-4406, and I-4604. The I-Class RFID Ready printer option must be specified at the time of printer order.

I-Class RFID Printer

For those users that know exactly what they need to fulfill their printing and RFID encoding requirements, Datamax has developed and introduced the I-Class RFID printer. The I-Class RFID printer simultaneously encodes data on to RFID tags while printing a graphical image on the surrounding label. These printers are ideal for achieving compliance with mandates from large retailers and purchasing organizations, as well as economical enough for those users developing closed loop applications to streamline internal processes. I-Class RFID printers support many standards involving RFID including the ISO 15693 standard at 13.56 MHz as well as several EPCglobal and ISO standards for Ultra High Frequency (UHF) applications. The robust RFID component in the I-Class RFID printer is capable of performing multiple procedures, including writing data to RFID tags, querying the tags unique identification number, and auto-detecting the tag to ensure no valuable RFID smart labels are wasted. The I-Class RFID printer is available on the following I-Class models: I-4210, I-4212, I-4308, I-4406, and I-4604. The I-Class RFID printer option must be specified at the time of printer order. For more information on Datamax RFID products please access the white paper through the link below, or contact Datamax directly.