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Since the introduction of the M-Class line, countless users have discovered the benefits of incorporating a sturdy, well-designed printer into mid-volume, high-performance printing applications. Users in the medical, manufacturing, government, retail and food processing sectors have embraced the M-Class, making it the most successful mid-range printer available on the thermal printer market today. The M-Class design is based on elements borrowed from the industry-leading Datamax I-Class printers, featuring a die-cast aluminum chassis to enhance durability and performance. The compact, modular design enables high-performance printing while allowing users to allocate less space to their printing capabilities.

The M-Class features a robust option set including thermal transfer, internal rewind, cutter, and peel and present allowing compliance with the most demanding applications, and a value that goes far beyond what most users expect when budgeting for printer purchases. Datamax is currently undertaking a campaign to educate the hundreds of thousands of users that operate using Legacy printers, including Datamax Prodigy, Prodigy Plus, Allegro, Allegro II, XL, DMX 400 and DMX 430 printers as well as several competitors' models. The M-Class design makes it a perfect replacement product for these aging thermal printers, which have obsolete features and can often reduce an organization's overall productivity. The M-Class features many cutting-edge capabilities allowing users to stay on the front line of productivity, including USB, Ethernet connectivity, and an advanced peel mechanism designed to accommodate the most difficult paper/adhesive combinations. Users of Legacy printers often have many questions about replacing their printer installed base, their goal being to minimize any disruption of people, processes or performance. Datamax has created an application note designed to assist Legacy printer users in addressing these issues.

All I-Class printers feature the same innovative design incorporating scalability into a rugged structure that ultimately creates a versatile, powerful label printing tool. With the most standard memory and a vast number of available configurations, the I-Class has emerged as the printer of choice for large, multinational operations. However, the remarkably sophisticated design and its resulting ease-of-use make the I-Class the product of choice among facilities of all sizes in all parts of the world where performance and value are not simply marketing buzzwords.